Hotel company owners and C-Level executives who are actively working on projects and seeking companies that are in line with their growth strategies.
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BITAC® Owners Event Virtual Connect™ 2021
May 26, 2021   -   Add To Calendar
Virtually anywhere!, -
Now you can experience the proven benefits of a BITAC event without traveling! BITAC® Owners Virtual Connect® is a one-day virtual event focused on educational sessions, relationship-building sessions, and boardroom discussions and presentations. BITAC® Owners attracts hotel company owners, CEOs, presidents, COOs, CFOs, who are actively working on projects. They are seeking companies and products that fit the scope of their vision, in line with their growth strategies. Virtually any product that can enhance the impact of the guest experience. Expand your network without traveling!
Rick Tomljenovic

I had the great pleasure of attending the BITAC Owners Virtual Connect meeting. It was pleasantly surprising as to the quality and the delivery of the event. I will gladly participate again. BITAC always does it right no matter what the circumstances.

Rick Tomljenovic , Tristar Hotel Group
Gregory Winey

Thank you for what I thought was a spectacularly done event. I was completely caught off guard on how well-orchestrated and organized things went. You’ve obviously captured the ability to still warm the hearts of your constituents during such trying times. To have done this “virtually” is testimony to your own teams’ perseverance, drive and love of the industry! Bravo, bravo, bravo!!!

Gregory Winey , Northpointe Hospitality Management

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