What Our Customers Are Saying
Jay Patel

Most organized and time well spent event that I have been going to for the past 3 years.

Jay Patel , NewcrestImage
Symphony Moussighi

BITAC is a great way to spend that hard to find time with peers, make new friends, and develop new business relationships. Most organized and time well spent event that I have been going to for the past 4 years.

Symphony Moussighi , Symphony's Hospitality
Shannon Kim BAAID

A must attend event to utilize our time the most efficient way possible!!! BITAC is express way to making new connection and network!!!

Shannon Kim BAAID, IDEA
Ken Mac Donald

The BITAC organization is in the process of connecting our company with opportunities that would have been challenging to meet.

Ken Mac Donald , Eclipse Mattress Company
Toby Schermerhorn

Great event. It is both an efficient way to meet with suppliers and a wonderful forum for renewing friendships and establishing new ones.

Toby Schermerhorn , Cauhaus Design
Jacqueline Blenman

BITAC® is an exceptional interactive event which affords purchasing professionals and suppliers the opportunity to engage in meaningful and productive one-on-one meetings, fostering relationships and creating the potential for new business. The team at BITAC® is professionalism personified and they ensure that the event offers superior networking opportunities for attendees.

Jacqueline Blenman , Sandy Lane Hotel
Robbie Brzymowski

Bitac provides the opportunity to solidify existing relationships and is a great way to acquire new business. It is the most efficient way to meet new prospects and actually get business out of your contacts. Time well spent

Robbie Brzymowski , Verdant
Ben Seidel

BITAC is a great event for busy executives to stay ahead of the curve on the latest products and services offered to the industry today. Making the time to attend events like this is always difficult, but the team at BITAC make it easy.

Ben Seidel , Real Hospitality Group
Ken Mac Donald

Our company continues to pursue opportunities which were presented at our BITAC forum

Ken Mac Donald , Eclipse Mattress Company
Thomas Messina

The best part about this format is that nobody has their card out, so the feeling is that you're having real transparent conversations without selling like a typical trade show would be, and three minutes later, if you quizzed someone, they wouldn't know who you were. It was me just having a very honest discussion.

Thomas Messina , Bauscher Hepp, Inc.
Ken Mac Donald

BITAC continues to surprise me with the opportunities I'm presented with and the potential of new business and our brand recognition.

Ken Mac Donald , Eclipse Mattress Company
David Kirkland

HealthTAC did it right… Finally a conference right sized for relationship-building and a format that realy works. Highly recommended.

David Kirkland , Anthem Lakes