What Our Customers Are Saying
Keith Mesler

Meetings are going very well and the panel was great information especially with current status with rates and occupancy.

Keith Mesler , Advance Catastrophe Technologies, Inc
Steve Williams

Thank you all for very good meetings!

Steve Williams , Winfield Products
Celia Barrett IIDA, ASID, NEWH

The event is wonderful. Really interesting vendors! I've enjoyed it and learned a lot. I miss the live events, the handshakes, and cocktails but this is definitely the next best thing. It keeps me informed and Dennis, great job on the panel.

Celia Barrett IIDA, ASID, NEWH, Barrett Design Studio
Rick Tomljenovic

I had the great pleasure of attending the BITAC Virtual Connect meeting. I was pleasantly surprised as to the quality, and the delivery of the event was amazing. I will gladly participate again. BITAC always does it right no matter what the circumstances.

Rick Tomljenovic , Tristar Hotel Group
Jerry Filzen

In keeping with the closing song.... 'Magnifico'. You and your team should take a virtual bow at the end of these events. Each and every meeting we had was great, and very productive!

Jerry Filzen , The Living Company
Neelam Brar

Very impressed by how well the event ran.

Neelam Brar , Total Life Inc.
Jason Phillips ASID

This format has been fantastic vs. other virtual conferences we've participated in. I love that we are presenting through the zoom app vs. a portal and we stay in our room. So easy!

Jason Phillips ASID, Phillips Collection
Kendall Brune CHP, MBA, LNHA, FACHCA

This was my first HEALTHTAC meeting. It was refreshing to spend time actually getting to know the manufacturer while eating dinner. It was by far the best trade/owner event I have attended in 40 years.

Kendall Brune CHP, MBA, LNHA, FACHCA, Anthem Lakes
Matt Reiners

The event has been great! Everyone I've met with have been awesome and really enjoyed the panel this morning.

Matt Reiners , Eversound
Tod Petty

Great interaction with a group of "likeable change agents" seeking to make a difference and bring value to others. Thanks for the synergy and collaboration.

Tod Petty , Lloyd Jones Senior Living
Margaret DeVinney

FABULOUS morning! Five star conference! Truly a top tier event! Well done! Looking forward to next the HEALTHTAC event. Thank you!

Margaret DeVinney , Enseo, Inc.
Jeffrey Berkowitz

HEALTHTAC is where decision-makers network, enjoy, and do business - run so efficiently! No other match-making event has the professional staff that works so well together and vets every participant in the way you do enabling all stakeholders to achieve optimum results beyond expectation.

Jeffrey Berkowitz , Allcare Seating