What Our Customers Are Saying
Jose Monge Sr.

Always looking forward to joining BITAC because great networking/relationships and negotiations are always guarantee

Jose Monge Sr. , Enjoy Group
Shaylin Sommer

The last few days at BITAC were filled with meaningful conversations, connectivity and a great balance of business and real life. I walk away from the conference with 10 different NDA’s to issue that will result in quoting opportunities, a big smile on my face, a stack of business cards and lots of connections that will foster long term relationships.

Shaylin Sommer , stayAPT Suites
Sarah Rutzler

Such a fabulous and productive week!! I can’t say enough about my very first HEALTHTAC. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

Sarah Rutzler , Navigator Group Purchasing
Karlee Tanel

The BITAC Owners event was a very productive two day event that facilitated valuable meetings and conversations all in one place. The curated experience was unique and helpful as a representative of ownership to meet with specific vendors and companies. The event was laid back and fun which led to no-pressure conversations and ultimately lasting relationships.

Karlee Tanel , Origin Hotels
Paul Reggio

BITAC continues to impress me! The BITAC events are all about building relationships and solving problems.

Paul Reggio , Ithaka Hospitality
Dale Miller CMC

I really appreciate the intimacy and the one-on-one interaction with the vendors. It is much more productive than other Trade Shows, as I not only get personal attention but have the ability to form a long-lasting relationship. I have used the services of quite a few vendors already and will be looking to work with more in the future.

Dale Miller CMC, Master Chef Consulting
Laurelle Kyte

BITAC has always provided a positive and easy networking and connection space. The relationship-building that goes on allows people to connect on personal levels and build trust and partnerships into the future. Most industry events are overwhelming and do not allow for face-to-face time to get to know the products, people, and services that support important solutions for the industry.

Laurelle Kyte , Restaurant Design Solutions
Ron Glancy

BITAC Operations 2024 Savannah was my first BITAC Event and it was a wonderful event. The format made it easier to make genuine connections with industry peers and vendors through events like Game Night and the Great Peanut Butter & Jelly Challenge. I am planning to attend future events and will encourage other industry leaders to do the same.

Ron Glancy , WOVEN by Raines
Fernanda Caro CEC

HEALTHTAC is a one-of-a-kind experience, everyone is very professional, and not a lot of people are doing what they are for the senior living industry.

Fernanda Caro CEC, Erickson Living
Michael Morris II

This is an amazing event to meet with like-minded people and discover many great vendors.

Michael Morris II , Kisco Senior Living
Andrew Allen

I go to several conferences a year and HEALTHTAC is by far the best conference I've been to. There were so many smiles and willingness to work together in groups and learn from each other. HEALTHTAC helps us build and network with each other. HEALTHTAC is the only conference where I have purchased things from a supplier. It is a win-win for the Executives and the Suppliers.

Andrew Allen , Otterbein Senior Life
Mark Maurer

If you are seeking a Networking Haven in the F&B industry where partnerships are the Holy Grail, you should be an attendee at a BITAC Conference in the future.

Mark Maurer , Morton Golf LLC